Four Tips To Eliminate Dry Eyes


Having dry eyes can be extremely uncomfortable. Dry eyes can make your eyes look red and irritated, and they may even sting. Here are four tips to help you eliminate dry eyes. 1. Remove your contacts. Keeping your contacts in while you shower or sleep may be contributing to your dry eyes. According to Opti-free, when you shower wearing contacts, the contacts retain water which can make them contract on your eye.

4 December 2018

How To Clean Your Glasses Properly


Getting an anti-scratch coating added to your glasses can help to prevent scratches from forming with daily use. However, that doesn't mean that your glasses are immune to scratches, especially if you regularly clean them improperly. Make sure you're doing the right thing for your glasses by reading this guide. Type of Cloth to Use The type of cloth you use to clean your glasses is just as important as how you do it.

29 April 2018